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Corporate Contributions - Charity Policy

TransDyne takes its responsibilities to society seriously. TransDyne wishes to be a good neighbor within the communities where we do business, and to contribute to worthy causes wherever and whenever we can.

Our charity process is guided by our Charitable Causes Policy. To this end, a Charitable Causes Committee has been established to make decisions about which charities to support, and how best to help them. Individual employee efforts are in addition to the collective efforts of the employees and the company.

TransDyne’s Charitable Causes Policy covers three broad areas:

1. Local Charities/Sponsorships:
Events that benefit the local community of which our employees are an integral part

2. National Charities/Sponsorships:
Events or charities coordinated nationally

3. International Charities:
Events or charities with a global focus

TransDyne makes a significant annual donation to the charitable causes fund, to be used as the Charitable Causes Committee sees fit in support of the charities chosen by the committee.

Since TransDyne operates remotely in most regions that we do business, our clients are the most preferred channel for directing TransDyne’s charity efforts. TransDyne welcomes and seeks proposals from our clients to suggest charity programs to be considered for support by TransDyne.

A resource that is available in abundance with TransDyne is excess transcription, capacity that TransDyne always has to provide for quick growth when opportunities arise. One of TransDyne’s popular contributions is applying this capacity to charity.

TransDyne will provide for up to 10% of the first twelve months’ transcription revenue from a new client towards charity programs recommended by the client.

All proposals are to be accompanied by information on the cause, any literature on previous efforts by the same organization, and a short write-up on how the proposed contribution can help the needy. All contributions are subject to approval from the Charitable Causes Committee and legal review.

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