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Quality Service

Experience the difference quality control makes with TransDyne's medical transcription services.

Great Quality
TransDyne has been consistently maintaining an accuracy of over 99% and only employs the most experienced medical transcriptionists. Accuracy rate is calculated as defined by HPI guidelines and maintained by integrating quality control processes in the production process as explained below. Our commitment to higher quality medical transcription standards is achieved by verifying each and every dictation and by constantly evaluating and improving our employee training programs.

TransDyne has a two part quality control process in place for improving and maintaining quality levels.

1. The first step is quality control in the offshore medical transcription facility. Individual dictations are put through a stringent 4 level medical transcription / proofreading process:

(1) Transcriptionist
(2) Proofreader
(3) Unit In charge
(4) Language Proofreader

Discover the difference 4-step proofreading makes in TransDyne's medical transcription services.

The medical transcriptionist does an individual review of every document after initial medical transcription.

Then, the completed job moves up the line and is then proofread by the proofreader. The proofreader, sometimes a qualified doctor, proofreads and then forwards the job to the Unit In-Charge. If necessary, the proofreader will attach a specified note regarding any special questions about a particular job to the Unit-In Charge.

If the job quality is satisfactory, the job will be forwarded to the head administrator for uploading to the corporate office in US. If the quality is less than outstanding, the job will be forwarded to the language proofreader.

The language proofreader is usually a graduate with a Master's Degree in English with training and experience in medical transcription.

Unit In-Charge will again review the job done by the language proofreader and will pass the job onto the head administrator if he is satisfied with the quality.

The quality assurance team does random sampling to test quality across all work levels. The quality assurance team also checks the errors reported back from the clients on a daily basis and works with the Unit In-Charge so that the feedback is given to all the members (medical transcriptionist and proof readers) of the unit. This eliminates repeat errors.

The job might move around the 4 levels in any formation until the Unit In-Charge is satisfied. At this point, if there are any known errors, an error record is added to the account’s error report. This report is later sent to the US office along with the medical transcription.

Experience the difference quality control makes with TransDyne's medical transcription services.

2. The second step involves our staff in the US office. Experienced medical transcriptionists in the US office go over the error report and try to fix the problems. The US team also performs random spot-checking to assure quality before the final job is sent to the end client.

Click here to see our Quality Assessment Methodology

Great Service
To render excellent and consistent service to all our clients, we have relationship managers and regional managers who take personal care of each of our accounts. This ensures that the TransDyne staff designated to you is aware of your needs and concerns.

Our staff can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days. All our frontline staff are empowered to solve any customer queries and problems.

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