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Medical Transcription

Your Medical Transcription Provider can directly affect the quality of your services and your bottom line. Choosing the right Medical Transcription Company is a crucial business decision.

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What makes TransDyne Medical Transcription Services better?
Lower Cost (save as much as 40% on your medical transcription services)
Flexible Modes of Dictation (giving you freedom to dictate whichever way you want)
Multiple Document Delivery Solutions; (online / custom solutions HL7 compatible systems with free HL7 interface configuration and setup)
Remote Print and Fax Solutions
Easy EMR System Integration (protecting existing investments)
Quality Medical Transcript Check (to deliver 99%+ accuracy)
24/7/365 Customer Service Lines (just in case you need to call us)
HIPAA Compliant Systems
Fast Turn Around Time
Definable and Verifiable Billing
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As a healthcare service provider, you will probably agree that keeping costs low and increasing profits is a continuous challenge. Every year, the cost of providing quality healthcare increases dramatically, while the benefits paid by Medicare and other health plans remain the same.

With the continuous tightening of labor markets and rising salary requirements, maintaining a reliable staff has become one of the most expensive aspects of running a business. It is for these reasons that an increasing number of healthcare facilities are outsourcing their transcription needs.

TransDyne is the new standard in digital transcription service and electronic charting. TransDyne utilized its extensive background as an information technology company to develop a system that electronically sends dictations and documents over the Internet to save time and money. To read more on how TransDyne helps you save time and costs and get better quality medical transcriptions, click on the links listed above.
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Voice Capture

TransDyne offers complete flexibility in choosing your favorite mode of dictation.

Digital recorders or PDA's: Users can use their PDA's or handheld digital recorders provided by TransDyne to dictate. These dictations can then be easily transmitted to TransDyne using the SmartUpload Application.

Phone-In System: TransDyne offers a toll free phone-in system into which users can call in and record their dictations. Our phone-in system supports customized prompts as per user needs.

Alternate modes: If clients desire to use their current mode of dictation/voice capture, be it hand held or an in-house phone based dictation systems, TransDyne can accept those dictations by providing them with applications to transmit dictations to our servers.

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Document Delivery

Web Delivery System: TransDyne's Web Delivery System addresses all the problems associated with tracking dictations, receiving documents, and in accessing old records from an archive. The Web Delivery system is a browser based system, and enables users to work with little or no additional software on their computer. Know More about Web Delivery

Smart Delivery: The Smart Delivery system is a document retrieval system with additional features like automated downloads, saving and printing. Key features of the Smart Delivery system are: Know More about Smart Delivery

HL7 Interface: TransDyne has the resources and tools to accept HL7 based ADT/ order transmissions via TCP/IP, HTTPS and /or VPN. TransDyne also has the capabilities to transmit back the transcribed document as a HL7 message back to client's interface engine via TCP/IP, HTTPS and or VPN.

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