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Smart Delivery

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Most users often wish that was a program that would take care of all their medical transcription management needs so that they would have more time to spend on patient care and other tasks. The Smart Delivery system is TransDyne’s answer to this need.

Smart Delivery is a document retrieval system with features including  automated downloads, saving and printing. Key features of the Smart Delivery system are:

The Inbox is where all newly delivered documents are displayed. The user can choose to view documents sorted by Provider or by Report Type, and can then either print or save the document. Reports can also be reviewed by opening the document and the related dictation.

Once a document is saved or printed, it will not be shown in the Inbox. The Inbox always shows the current status of work to be filed or handled.

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Automated Download:
Smart Delivery allows users to automatically download newly delivered documents to  the folders that they choose and identify. Each folder can be further sorted by Report Type or by Provider. A backup folder location can also be specified.

Automated Printing:
Smart Delivery also allows users to define Auto Print options for different reports to a user specified printer. Only specific report types will be printed, based on the  user's needs.

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User profiles:
Multiple users can be entered into the system and assigned particular access privileges. A user can be limited to access a single provider’s documents or can be given access to multiple providers’ documents.

Super users can set up the profiles for other users and can modify these profiles at the click of a mouse. This ease of use helps to take care of secretarial changes, holidays and days off, etc.

Powerful Archival and Search Options:
The Smart Delivery system allows a user to search for a document based on different criteria like Date of Service, Date of Dictation, MRN #, Patient Name, Provider Name, or a combination of any of these criteria.

With all these and more features, the Smart Delivery system offers multiple advantages to users including,

:: Ease of tracking all new documents

::  Automated downloads and printing

::  User defined folder paths to enable easy imports to EMR systems

::  User defined user profiles to use in a multi-user environment

The Smart Delivery system is the suggested mode of document delivery where any of the features like Auto downloads and printing are required or where pre-defined file saving would help import documents to EMR systems. The system is currently used by our medium to large clients looking who already have existing investments in EMR systems.

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