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Save even more with a Free Olympus Recorder when you choose TransDyne as your Medical Transcription Provider

TransDyne offers dictators the choice of using any dictation mode. Users can choose to dictate into our phone system, use their existing dictation system or use a digital recorder and transfer the dictations to our servers.

The Smart Upload utility helps users transfer files from their computers or dictation systems to TransDyne’s servers. Smart Upload manages the entire dictation transfer process by checking for new dictations at user defined intervals in a specific folder, and when it finds new dictations, it uploads these dictations to TransDyne’s services.

The entire upload process is done after encrypting the data using 128 bit encryption algorithms and is a fully secure process. Smart Upload also uploads ancillary data like patient demographic notes and is the most comprehensive dictation transfer utility.

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Custom Built Solutions TransDyne’s zero cost compatibility solutions

If you have existing systems that you want to continue working with because of the substantial investments that have gone into them or because of users’ comfort levels, TransDyne’s Custom Solutions Group can design and build tools that would make use of your existing systems and infrastructure and integrate them with TransDyne’s workflow systems.

Existing clients who have used such custom built solutions are pleased with the ease of use and the zero cost of migrating from a troublesome and error-prone medical transcription process to the quality medical transcription the TransDyne offers.

To see whether you qualify for the services of our Custom Solutions Group, please get in touch with our marketing team on 1-866-290-0301 (Select Option 3) or email us on

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