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Many users of outsourced medical transcription services have problems sending their dictations, receiving finished documents, and in accessing old records.

TransDyne's Web Delivery System addresses all the problems associated with tracking dictations, receiving documents, and in accessing old records from an archive. The Web Delivery system is a browser based system, and enables users to work with little or no software on their computer.

Some of the best-in-class features of the Web Delivery System are:

User Profiles:
Multiple users can use the system and can be given different. access privileges. A user can be limited to access a single providers' documents or can be given access to multiple providers' documents.

Super users can even set up the profiles of other users and can change these profiles at the click of a mouse. This ease of use helps to take care of secretarial changes, holidays and days off, etc.

The InBox is the place where all newly delivered documents are displayed. A user can choose to open and review a document or can download a bunch of documents and save or print the documents.

Once a document is saved or printed, it is not shown in the InBox. The InBox always show current status of work to be filed or handled.

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QC Hold:
Occasionally, our medical transcriptionists might have to leave a few blanks in a document. This could be because of non-receipt of patient names, bad audio or other reasons because of which we cannot decipher whatever was dictated. In such cases, Web Delivery users can review such documents placed in the QC Hold, make necessary changes or additions, and then file or print the document.

Powerful Archival and Search Options:
Once logged in to Web Delivery, a user can search for a document based on different criteria like Date of Service, Date of Dictation, MRN #, Patient Name, Provider Name, or a combination of any of these criteria.

The Archival systems on our servers ensure that users can find documents dating back to dictations that are several months old, and do this search in just a few seconds time.

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Job Summary:
Often, office staff find it hard to track the number of dictations sent on a day, the number of documents dictated in a single dictation and ensuring that all the documents were received back and filed.

The Job Summary screen gives the details of all the dictations sent, date wise, and lists down the number of dictations sent, the number of dictations that were received back, how many more are pending, etc. From this snapshot of a date, a user can choose to drill down further to the dictation level and list down details of all dictations sent on a given date.

With its multiple features and the ease of use, TransDyne’s Web Delivery system is one of the best integrated outsourced medical transcription tools.

A few key benefits of the Web Delivery system are:

::  Drastically reduces work in filing documents and tracking dictations

::  Eliminates scope for missing documents

::  No investment in hardware or software

::  Can be configured in a multi-user, multi-provider setting

::  Continuous upgrades without any changes at the client’s computer

The Web Delivery System has been very well received by our client base and is the preferred document delivery platform for most of our small and medium sized clients.

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